Review of Mac OS X 10.13: release date and what’s new in macOS 2017

The time is coming when the Mac-world will discover Mac OS X 10.13, an absolutely renewed operational system for all Macs. What will 2017 bring us and what the new macOS will be like? Let’s see.

Release date of Mac OS X 10.13

Review of Mac OS X 10.13

Mac OS X 10.13 will be released in the beginning of June 2017 at the Apple developers’ conference WWDC 2017. As usual, Apple holds this conference at the same time each year and presents there its updated operational systems. Besids the new Mac OS X 10.13 you will also see the new iOS 11 that will have a lot of new features for iPhone and iPad. After the presentation the beta version of Mac OS X 10.13 will be available for your Macs.

You can download the beta version of Mac OS X 10.13 right afterwards to test and enjoy the new features of the new OS during the whole summer. And in September Apple will release officially finished version Mac OS X 10.13 Full as a public update.

The name of Mac OS X 10.13

Until the version 10.9 each OS X was named after the big cats but since the release of OS X 10.9 Apple has decided to name them after the significant places. Therefore, version 10.9 got the name of Maveriks, the popular place for surfers in the North California. After, the OS X 10.10 Yosemite has appeared, named after Yosemite National Park in California. Then, there was the OS X 10.11 El Capitan, called in honor of the highest mountain in Yosemite National Park. And finally, today’s version 10.12 Sierra got its name after the mountain chain Sierra-Nevada.

Mac OS X 10.13 release date

According to the history, we can assume that the next Mac OS X 10.13 will also have a name of some place in California. But, which one will it be? It is still unknown. But there are already some supposition going around Internet. People think that the Mac OS X 10.13 might be called Hollywood or San Francisco or, still better, Cupertino, in honor of Apple’s birthplace. But no one can say for sure. We will wait and see. Stay tuned, I will keep you updated here as soon as new information appears.

What’s new in Mac OS X 10.13

It is still not known what new features will appear in Mac OS X 10.13 but we can be 100% sure that Apple as usual will make the system faster more stable and more enduring. Better optimization will allow to save MacBook’s battery, to speed up the work in terms of productivity and to reduce the amounts of bugs while working with OS.

That’s all we know about Mac OS X 10.13 for today. Follow the news and rumors about Mac OS X 10.13 to make sure you don’t miss anything. We are about to find out what the new OS will be called after and what functions it will have.

Декабрь 19th, 2016
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