Mac Pro 2018: review, characteristics, release date

In April 2017 Apple announced the big upcoming update of Mac Pro, the professional desktop PC. The approximate date of release of the next generation Mac Pro and its characteristics are already known. So, this article presents facts based on rumors and information leaks from the Internet. Let’s see what Apple has in store for us. Here we go!

Mac Pro 2018 Appearance

Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc., explained that the work on the new Mac Pro is currently in full swing but it will not be possible to finish it fast, because the customers who purchase the Mac Pro are the serious professionals whose work requires powerful computers with efficient performance. And the high quality product takes time to be made. Therefore, the release of the new Mac Pro is planned for 2018.

Capacity and hardware

As I have mentioned previously, the consumers anticipate a much higher performance from the new model of professional Mac and even considering that the Mac Pro has not been seriously updated since 2013 once it comes out Apple will cram the 2018 model with the most powerful and productive hardware.


It is likely that the new Mac Pro will have 64-bit Intel processors with 8 and 12 cores and a L3 cache of 25 and 30 MB respectively. The clock speed will start from 3.8 GHz and go higher. The processors will be executed according to a 14-nm process technology and it will eventually support DDR4 memory. It is still not exactly known what particular processor models the new Mac Pro will get, so we will have to wait for an info leak in this regard.


Mac Pro 2018 will be equipped with the modern DDR4 memory with a frequency of 2400 MHz. Since Intel’s latest generation of processors support this kind of RAM, most likely it will be installed in the new Mac Pro. The capacity of RAM in Mac Pro 2018 will be 64 and 128 GB according to the chosen model. It will be also possible at extra cost to expand the memory of Mac Pro up to 256 GB of RAM.

Graphics Card

There is a rumor that the new Mac Pro 2018 will get two powerful GDDR 5 graphics cards of 10 GB each. It is still not clear whether we can trust this rumor or not, but it’s completely possible because such graphics cards already exist, so why wouldn’t Apple put them into the new Mac Pro? Also, Mac Pro 2018 will support DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.5.


The new Mac Pro 2018 will be equipped with the modern PCI Express flash storages of the new generation of 1 and 2 TB. The advantage of these flash storages is that they work 2.5 times faster than all known SSD drives.

Mac Pro 2018 Appearance

Until 2013 Mac Pro had a standard PC body which was just a box with the legs. At that time it looked normal and usual for everyone. However, in 2013 Apple surprised us with its ability to turn common and familiar things into something amazing, unique and unlike everything else. So, Mac Pro 2013 looked like… a trash can. It was very small, compact and made in the form of a cylinder. Up to this point, there was no such thing in the world! The new design was at the beginning received with irony, but at the same time everyone liked it, because the computer looked really beautiful.

Mac Pro 2018: review, characteristics, release date

What wait for us in 2018 is not yet known. Not a single photo on the Internet that can depict the future concept of Mac Pro 2018. However, this does not mean that we will never find out what Mac Pro 2018 will look like. Once the date of the release approach there will be information leaks and I will gladly present in this article here new photos of Mac Pro 2018.

Interface and ports

The ports in Mac Pro are a very important question. Considering the fact that today many MacBook Pro users are faced with a big problem with USB Type C ports in the 2016 model, many potential buyers of the Mac Pro line are eager to know will Apple put a good old USB 3.0 and whether there will be USB-C in the Mac Pro 2018?

And in fact the answer is quite obvious. In the current Mac Pro model there are 4 USB 3.0 ports and definitely they will not be removed all at once. Two of them will be kept and two or four USB-C ports will be added. But definitely the USB-C ports will be installed in the new Mac Pro. Apple has already equipped its laptops with these ports, so logically Mac Pro 2018 should also be equipped with USB-C ports. After all, these USB-C ports will be indispensable in the future.

Previously Mac Pro had six Thunderbolt 2 ports. The new model of 2018 will have Thunderbolt 3, the new ultrafast ports that are already installed in the MacBook Pro 2016. The high-speed Gigabit Ethernet port and HDMI will be installed as well, which allow to display a picture in UltraHD format.

Mac Pro 2018 will connect to 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks and it will also be compatible with the IEEE 802.11a /b/g/n standard. Also, the new Mac Pro will have the built-in Bluetooth 5.0.

Mac Pro 2018: price and release date

Phil Schiller announced that Apple is currently working on the new Mac Pro and that they will not release it until next year. And he has even mentioned that the presentation of the Mac Pro 2018 might happen at the WWDC 2018, where iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5 will be presented. Therefore, for now the release date of the next Mac Pro is expected to be the summer of 2018.

What about the price for Mac Pro 2018? I guess according to the standard it will cost as the previous model. Previous Mac Pro will be removed from sale and the new model will take its place. The price of the Mac Pro 2018 in the weak configuration will be $2999, and the price in the strong configuration will be $3999.

That’s all we’ve got for today as for the next model of the Mac Pro 2018. The article will be updated with new information and photos. Don’t forget to come by from time to time and check for the news. Thank you for your attention and see you around. Best of luck!

Май 15th, 2017
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