What is the difference between iPhone 6S and iPhone 6

If you have decided to buy iPhone that in 2015 Apple proposes you two options of latest iPhone models. But what should you choose if these models are different but they look alike? Let’s see what makes iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 different.

First of all, you’ve got to understand that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Pus are two identical models released in 2014. They differ in screen dimensions and battery capacities. But they are considered to be one model. While iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus are the models of 2015, which are also identical but different in screen dimensions and battery capacities. I will write about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, but keep in mind that it means both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.


What is the difference between iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 in terms of their outlook?

The only apparent difference between these two is the engraving on the back panel. On the picture you’ll see that on the back of iPhone 6 there are 3 lines:

  • Inscription “iPhone”
  • Inscription “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China……”
  • Some trademarks

While on the other side of iPhone 6S there are another 3 lines:

  • Inscription “iPhone”
  • Letter “S” in a square (the proof that it is iPhone 6S)
  • Inscription “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China……”

Difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

As you can see there are no trademarks on the back panel of iPhone 6S. So you can easily distinguish these models if you buy them from some unknown sources. These are the only apparent differences between iPhone 6S and iPhone 6. Of course there are other more subtle differences as for the physical perception, for example. But you are not likely to identify that one model is a couple of grams heavier that another one unless you carry scales with you.

Also one model is a couple millimeter thinner that another. So, just in case, here are the physical differences:

  • iPhone 6 — 138,1×67×6,9 mm — 129 g
  • iPhone 6 Plus — 158,1×77,8×7,1 mm — 172 g
  • iPhone 6s — 138,1×67,0×7.1 mm — 143 g
  • iPhone 6s Plus — 158,1×77,8×7,1 mm — 192 g

One more thing: iPhone 6S has a color called Rose Gold. So if you see a pink iPhone that means its iPhone 6S in color Rose Gold.


IPhone 6S has a new processor A9. It is more powerful and faster than the A8 processor, which the one iPhone 6 is equipped with. Also, the iPhone 6S got 2 GB of RAM, while in the iPhone 6 there is only 1 GB. The iPhone 6S is the first Apple smartphone that has 2GB of RAM.

The iPhone 6S has a built-in 3D Touch sensor that recognizes the touch on the display. It is enough to press on the icons or the links in the browser or mail so that there are small menus with additional functions that appear that contain a preview of the content. The possibilities of 3D Touch feature are many. This is not all. The feature is useful, it expands the functionality of the smartphone. When the 3D Touch API gets to application developers, this function will be used by other applications and games.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S

There are still differences in the camera of these two iPhones. iPhone 6 is equipped with an 8 megapixel Full HD camera, and iPhone 6S has an updated 12 megapixel UHD camera with the feature of recording 4K video. Also, the iPhone 6S can take “Live photos”, this is when you take a photo, and the camera shoots the video moment 1.5 seconds before the picture and 1.5 seconds after.

That’s all the difference between iPhone 6S and iPhone 6. Now if you decide to buy one of them you will easily recognize them and differentiate one from the other so you will not fall for trick. Good luck!

Апрель 3rd, 2017
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