iPhone 8 review. What’s new?

New generation in the line-up of Apple smartphone will be called iPhone 8. This time, we will see the changes in the design of the device, which will not be found in iPhone 7S. We will also check out new functions and other cool features that will make iPhone 8 stand out in 2018. Let’s start the review of iPhone 8!

iPhone 8 photo

Layout and design

Photo of iPhone 8 Concept:
iPhone 8 concept

The design of iPhone 8 must change to something new as iPhone 7 didn’t look much different comparing to its predecessor iPhone 6 and this time we want to see dramatic changes. Maybe Apple will come up with something new considering the amount of time it took them to release new iPhone. In any case, Apple can make the frame of the iPhone 8 from other materials because the aluminum one is not allowing to add wireless charger. Many other smartphones has long been using the wireless chargers and it should finally appear in iPhone.

After all, Apple is bragging to make our life easier! So let us finally get rid of all these wires! What do we need Lightning port form and all these fragile wires? We got rid of 3,5 mm jack adapter, so now it’s turn of Lightning. iPhone should be completely wireless and autonomous gadget. And the most important, it should be water and dust proofed. No extra holes in it!


iPhone 8 display

Display of iPhone will change a bit. First of all, rumor has it that Apple can install OLED panels in iPhone 8 which will make the image more contrasted. Second of all, display in iPhone 8 will support True Tone feature, as in iPad Pro 9,7″, that allows the screen to determine just the right percentage and intensity of light according to surrounding lights. And 3D Touch won’t get anywhere as it’s a very useful iPhone’s feature.

There is also a rumor that display of iPhone 8 will get bigger to make side frames disappear. Or, they even say that the display will occupy all front panel (in this case Home button and the camera will be built in the display), but this is not likely to happen.
Anyway, new displays will consume less energy and will produce clearer and brighter image. With the technology that forge ahead we can be sure that Apple will change all the details with the new ones, made according to new technologies, so in any case new iPhone will be better that the previous one.


iPhone 8 specification


iPhone 8 will be equipped with 4-core A12 processor with CPU clock up to 2 Hz. New processor will be made according to 10-nanometer FinFET process technology by TSMC company. Also, iPhone 8 will be equipped with motion coprocessor M12. iPhone 8’s GPU will be 6-core and, as usual, made by PowerVR company.

Random Access Memory

iPhone 8’s Random Access Memory (RAM) will contain 4 GB LPDDR4. New hardware will speed up the camera’s work and the work of then gadget in general. Hardware of iPhone 8 will be capable to work with the advanced and the “heaviest” games.

I will just remind you that in iPhone 6 there was 1GB of RAM, then in iPhone 6S it was increased to 2 GB and in iPhone 7 RAM contained 3 GB for the normal camera work and other features. It is likely that iPhone 7S will still have these 3GB of RAM, that are enough for now, but in iPhone 8 will can expect 4 GB of RAM.

Internal storage

iPhone 8’s minimal configuration will have 32 GB of memory, in the middle there will be 128 GB, and finally 256 GB asthe maximum. You cannot expect more, because Apple does not like to rush with the introduction of more memory in their gadgets. iPhone 7 has received such variations (32, 128, 256 GB) and the next generation of iPhone 8 will have the same memory. The increase of the storage may occur no earlier than the release of iPhone 9.


8 iPhone battery will have a capacity of around 2,100 mAh, and iPhone 8 Plus would be around 3100 mAh. Such conclusion can be drawn from the fact that Apple increases the battery’s capacity in about 100 mAh for each new generation of iPhones. Such variant is possible according to previous iPhone models. Maybe for 2018 Apple will create some new batteries that will have a bigger capacity while they will be charged faster and look smaller to make new iPhones even thinner.

Wireless charger

iPhone 8 wireless charger

Probably iPhone 8 will have a function of wireless charger. Other smartphones have this feature already, so why iPhone still don’t? Well, because the material with which the frame is made are not allowing to apply this function. Aluminum doesn’t transmit the waves necessary to charge the battery. So, probably, Apple will make iPhone out of glass or ceramics as Apple Watch Series 2 Edition and then the wireless changer feature will be made possible in iPhone 8. And if the new iPhone will be equipped with such feature we can easily remove Lightning port. And when iPhone will have no more ports it will considerably increase its impermeability.


Every new generation of iPhone has a better camera and iPhone 8 is not an exception. Before, in iPhone 7 we had double camera and 2x optical zoom. I believe, in iPhone 8 camera will not be changed, but improved. We can wait for the better blurred background, 4x optical zoom and of course better quality of picture itself (colors, sharpness) Perhaps camera in iPhone 8 will get 15 megapixels.

Brief specifications of iPhone 8

Display : 4,7″ and 5,5″ in iPhone 8 Plus, OLED panels, 3D Touch
Processor: A12, 4 cores, 2,6 Hz
Coprocessor: M12
Internal storage: 32 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB
Camera: 15 megapixels, 4х optical zoom
Battery: 2100 mAh,и 3100 mAh,in iPhone 8 Plus
Interfaces: wireless charger

iPhone 8’s release date

In September 2018 Apple will hold a presentation of iPhone 8 in the USA. Traditionally the presentation of new iPhones takes place in the first half of September. The exact release date of iPhone 8 will appear closer to September, 2018. And the sales will start during the week afterwards.

iPhone 8’s Price

So what will be the price of iPhone 8? Basically, as usual. Every new iPhone cost as much as the previous one. Here is the approximate price list:

  • iPhone 8 32 GB – $649
  • iPhone 8 128 GB – $749
  • iPhone 8 256 GB – $849
  • iPhone 8 Plus 32 GB – $769
  • iPhone 8 Plus 128 GB – $869
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB – $969

As we can see, Apple asks 100$ more for each model with bigger internal storage. That’s a traditional Apple’s policy.

iPhone 8’s Video Review

The channel Steal My Gadgets presented the most realistic and beautiful concept of iPhone 8 that has more chances to come true than others. The best thing about it is the display at the front panel’s length. If Apple had really created such iPhone 8 it would have been the coolest smartphone in the world!

Keep in mind, in the video you can see the concept, not a real gadget. Even though it looks very realistic, there were no confirmed information yet. So we still cannot be sure of what to expect from iPhone 8.

And that is all we can say as for the future iPhone 8. The latest news and rumors you can get here.

Ноябрь 18th, 2016
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