iPhone 7S review, release date and price

In 2017 Apple’s smartphone celebrates its 10 anniversary! On this occasion Apple might make new iPhone special. On the internet there is a rumor about iPhone 8, because “S” means a kind of transitional model, while “bare” number signifies a new model with significant updates.

iPhone 7S camera

Nevertheless, Apple is not likely to give up on its traditions, created by its far-seeing founder Steve Jobs, and invert the models’ order of its most popular product. That’s why chances are that in 2017 we might see iPhone 7S. Due to the news and the information leaks, there is a whole picture on what iPhone 7S will be like. Let’s take a look on main points:

Layout and design

Design of iPhone 7S shouldn’t be different from the previous model because “S” means that the model has the same layout as the previous one and bears exclusively changes in hardware. That’s why iPhone 7S will inherit design of iPhone 7. Well, except for the colors. iPhone 7S might get a completely new colors that we did not see in any other previous model. We don’t know yet what colors will it be as there is no information regarding this fact. It is also possible that iPhone 7S will be thinner than its predecessor.


The processor that iPhone 7S will be equipped with will most likely to be made according to a 14-nm process technology, it will be called Apple A11 and it will have 4 cores with 2.4 GHz each. The new processor will be more efficient and energy effective in comparison to the Apple A10 Fusion in iPhone 7. The integrated graphics chip will have a 6-core system and it will be able to provide better graphics performance in games and video editing.

I remind you that iPhone 7 has 2 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM. And even though Apple is not keen on increasing memory capacity in its smartphones, iPhone 7S must be fully updated. That’s why RAM might be increased to 3 GB in iPhone 7 and to 4 GB in iPhone 7 Plus respectively. iPhone 7S will be provided with operational system iOS 11.

This OS will be perfectly adjusted and compatible with iPhone 7S that means high speed of work, and also longer autonomous work of the device without recharging.

Autonomous work

The capacity of battery in iPhone 7S will be increased comparing to that in iPhone 7. Because Apple embeds in each new model a battery with a larger capacity. Plus a well-optimized iOS 11 will increase gadget’s life. So that iPhone 7S may get battery with the capacity of 2060 mAh and 3160 mAh in iPhone 7SPlus.


Display of iPhone 7S will get 4.7 inches as iPhone 7, and iPhone 7S Plus will get 5.5 inches display as iPhone 7 Plus. The only considerable change that may occur to display of iPhone 7S will happen if Apple decides to use OLED screens and it’s been talked about on the internet for a while. The difference between OLED display and simple LED LCD is that OLED screen transmits black color through complete absence of light whatsoever. In other words, dark spots of the picture will get deeper colors and the picture itself will eventually get more saturated and contrasted. And iPhone 7S is very likely to get this kind of display.


Camera in iPhone 7S shouldn’t go through considerable changes as in iPhone 7 we had a big breakthrough in camera’s functioning so in iPhone 7S we can expect some minor changes. Maybe, as usual, the quality and color rendering will get better. But the main thing is that Apple, having introduced the optical stabilization in iPhone 7 camera, will improve this system every year up till it gets perfect.

Communication modules

iPhone 7S will get Bluetooth 5.0 that transmits data two times faster on the distance 4 times longer than Bluetooth 4.2. LTE modem will become more

powerful and will be able to receive to receive 650 Mbit / s and transmit 150 Mbit / s of data. Wi-Fi will support all standards — 802.11a/b/g/n/ac5. And of course iPhone 7S will support NFC, GPS and iBeacon.

iPhone 7S release date

Apple will present iPhone 7S at the annual presentation in the first half of September 2017. And iPhone 7S will be available for sale right after the presentation. As for the date, in the countries “of first wave” iPhone 7S will appear on the shelves in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the United States, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and also on the Virgin Islands and in Taiwan.

iPhone 7S price

iPhone 7S will have its standard price the USA, which won’t be any different from the previous models, that will be 649$ for the 32GB model, 749$ for the 64GB model and 849$ for the one with 126GB. The price will rise up to 1000$ for the model with 32GB in the countries “of first wave”.


According to the simple logic of new iPhones releases and to the leaked information, we can draw a conclusion: in 2017 Apple will release iPhone 7S, not iPhone 8. New iPhone will not be different from iPhone 7 in terms of its appearance and it will get a couple of new minor features. Release date and the price of iPhone 7S remain traditionally unchanged. More information and rumors on new iPhone 7S you can get here.

Апрель 3rd, 2017
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