Ultimate review of iPhone 7, release date, price and all the features

New iPhone 7 will be released in 2016. iPhone 7 will have a new design with ultra thin body that would be different from its predecessor. Also, iPhone 7 is expected to run longer on a single charge than previous models due to the upgraded battery and it will get a new improved 12-megapixel camera as well.

Lots of facts and rumors have been going around on the Internet as for the release of new iPhone and now this article will give you a chance to find out the most important and interesting information about future iPhone 7.

iPhone 7

To begin with take a look at the video to get the idea what iPhone 7 will look like. This is the way the designers see it. They have been working on different awesome concepts of iPhones and iPhone 7 won’t be an exception. The photos and videos given in the article so far represent the concept of iPhone 7 as the smartphone itself hasn’t been released yet. But in the course of time information leaks will appear in terms of photos of the upcoming iPhone 7 and they will be published in the website category.

The hologram is impressive, but it is unlikely to be found in iPhone 7 since this function is not yet realized the way it was represented in the video. Now let’s have a look at facts and rumors concerning iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 review

iPhone 7 review


iPhone 7 will be equipped with 64-bit quad-core A10 processor with CPU clock of 1.4 Hz manufactured on 14-nanometer process technology. The clock speed is unlikely to be changed since the actual one should be completely enough in future. After all Apple is rather good at optimizing its hardware and software in order to use its capacity to the maximum. Meanwhile Android, at least there are some cosmic phone specifications, is not to be working properly any time soon. The 14-nanometer workmanship will allow to increase processor’s productivity, decrease its heating up and power consumption without any rise of clock speed. As a result we’ve got more rapid processor. The difference will be noticeable already in comparison with iPhone 6S.

As for the Random Access Memory (RAM) in iPhone 7, it will remain the same as in iPhone 6S, namely 2GB. Since iPhones are equipped with 2GB of RAM, Android smartphones install 3-4 GB in their devices. So why is RAM increased in smartphones? This is indicated by the quality increase of software. Resource intensity of applications is getting bigger and hardware becomes more and more productive. Internal storage of iPhone 7 will be 16GB, 64GB и 128GB depending on the model. iPhone 7 will be governed by operational system iOS 10 which will boost self-sufficiency and increase the speed of the new device.


iPhone 7 will be supplied in two versions – with 4,7″ and 5,5″ Retina displays. Apple started to experiment with screen’s enlargement as far back as Steve Jobs was in charge (RIP). And the display keeps growing still. The display of iPhone 7 is expected to have the 3D Touch feature.

iPhone 7 display

Rumor has it that new feature “Sonovation” developed by Sonovation company might build fingerprints scanner into iPhone and iPad displays. In such a way a touch to display of particular section of your smartphone or tablet can be considered as fingerprint data. It might let iPhone 7 get rid of Home button.


The camera will be considerably improved in iPhone 7! A 12-megapixel camera’s resolution will remain as in iPhone 6S. Camera will get the same feature of Quad Full HD videos as in iPhone 6S and improved quality in low light conditions. The catch of Quad Full HD feature is, that iPhone 7 will be able to record videos in 4K resolution. You will be able to make videos with resolution of 3840Ч2160px at 60 fps. Front-facing camera will acquire the same feature. Video will be recorded at 60 fps with the resolution of 2MP as well. And the slo-mo and time lapse video shooting features won’t get anywhere for sure.


iPhone 7 interface

New iPhone 7 will have an eSIM that enables us to get rid of any physical SIM cards in favor of the one and only electronic SIM card. The users will not need to insert anything in their smartphones since Apple SIM card will be already installed. You will get a chance to choose a couple of numbers and, of course, no more SIM card notch that will allow to save even more space.

Also, wireless charging technology as a current trend might positively influence new iPhone 7. If Apple decides to provide wireless charging, the Lightning port won’t be necessary anymore. That means more space and higher reliability. To sum up: no Home button, no jack and no SIM card notch, which means minus 3 connectors to get water in. iPhone 7 may become even thinner and more compact but moreover it may have a strengthened, water resistant frame with larger screen while keeping the same width and height.

Key specifications

Networks : GSM, CDMA, EDGE (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE (4G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC
Processor : A10 1,4 Hz, 4 cores
Internal storage : 16GB, 64GB,128GB
Display : Retina 4.7″ and 5.5″, 326 ppi и 401 ppi
Camera : 12-megapixel, front-facing 5-megapixel
Interface : 3D Touch, Touch ID 3rd generation, eSIM
Colors : Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

iPhone 7 Release Date

Release of iPhone 7 is expected to be in 2016. Traditionally Apple brings out each new iPhone every year in autumn on third Friday of September. The presentation takes place during the Macworld’s meeting where Apple presents all new products. Never before have they abandon such a tradition and it is unlikely that they are going to fail this time. Therefore, the upcoming release date of iPhone 7 is considered to be September, 18 2016.

iPhone 7 Price

In 2015 Apple did not raise the price for iPhone 6S, even though new flagship was made of more expensive materials and details of higher quality. Approximately, minimal price of iPhone 7 will be 650 dollars for 16GB model, 750 dollars for 64GB and 850 dollars for the one with 128GB. How much will the iPhone 7 cost in Ukraine is not known yet because of unstable and quite high rate of dollar. It’s hard to predict the price of iPhone 7 in Russia either, since the stability in the rate of exchange is absent there as well.

The review of iPhone 7 is based on rumors and leaks of real information. In general all the information is positioned as an assumption and only some part of it has been confirmed. Stay tuned for the information update in iPhone section where new articles concerning the release of iPhone 7 will appear.

Март 3rd, 2016
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