iPhone 5S vs iPhone SE: appearance, photos and features

Hello everyone! Today we will make a review of iPhone 5S vs iPhone SE. We will compare these models and see which one is better. We will for sure compare their appearances and find out what are the differences in the features. Let’s go!

Differences in appearance of iPhone 5S and iPhone SE

Differences in appearance of iPhone 5S and iPhone SE

Judging by their appearance iPhone 5S is no different from iPhone SE! They are of the same width, length and thickness. And even their weight is almost the same: iPhone 5S has got 112 grams and iPhone SE has got 113 grams, but what is one gram, you cannot even feel the difference. The only thing that can give iPhone SE out is an inscription “SE” on the back panel. But! If you decide to buy a used iPhone SE be careful because the seller can give you iPhone 5S instead of iPhone SE, simply by changing iPhone 5S back panel to the iPhone SE back panel. These back panels are much alike and it easy to change one with another. As a result, you will pay for iPhone SE, but you will buy iPhone 5S instead. So, in order to avoid such a trap you should keep on reading the article.

Comparison of iPhone 5S and iPhone SE features

When it’s difficult for you to tell iPhone 5S from iPhone SE just by looking at them their features come in handy. First things first, we check Siri, because in iPhone SE you can easily call Siri just by saying “Hi Siri” without connecting the phone to charge. Whereas in iPhone 5S in order to call Siri, it is necessary to connect the smartphone to the charge. So, if you say “Hi Siri” and Siri starts to function right away it means that this is iPhone SE, otherwise it’s iPhone 5S.

This is achieved with the help of the coprocessor M9, in contrast to iPhone 5S which has coprocessor M7. Also, iPhone 5S has a dual-core A7 processor, and iPhone SE has A9 one. It is characterized by the increased processor speed and a small technical processor. So, iPhone SE works faster and swifter than iPhone 5S. Also, iPhone SE has 2 GB of RAM, while iPhone 5S has only 1 GB. And you can check this only if you download the app System Monitor. With the help of this app you can track the RAM section is in the device that you are intended to buy. And just in general, the application will show the model of iPhone and the type of its processor. So you can download System Monitor app right away and make that you are buying original and authentic device.

One more difference between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE lies in the memory volumes. iPhone 5S has its variations with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB of memory. iPhone SE gas two options: 16 GB and 64 GB.

iPhone 5S and iPhone SE cameras comparison

iPhone 5S’s camera has 8 megapixel resolution, while iPhone SE camera got 12 megapixel. In addition to resolution, the quality of the photo is also higher. Also iPhone 5S camera can shoot neither video in 4K format nor slow motion video at 240 frames per second, which iPhone SE can do.

The front-facing cameras of iPhone 5S and iPhone SE are the same, it’s the flash difference. The Retina Flash technology is used in iPhone SE that in the moment of shooting sets the screen at maximum brightness to illuminate the object in front of it. iPhone 5S doesn’t have this function. Therefore, if you buy used iPhone SE, check these features in the device. If you find them, then this is the iPhone SE.

LTE network

The difference between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE can also be seen in the speed of data flow over LTE networks. The new LTE modem on iPhone SE can run at the speed up to 150 Mbps, while iPhone 5S can operate at the speed of 100 Mbps.

What are the differences in iPhone 5S and iPhone SE batteries?

iPhone SE’s battery runs longer than the one in iPhone 5S. In modes of 3G and Wi-Fi it runs up to 2 hours longer, and in LTE Internet mode up to 5 hours longer. It can keep to 40 hours in the mode of listening to music in iPhone 5S and to 50 hours in iPhone SE.

Should you change iPhone 5S to iPhone SE?

Should you change iPhone 5S to iPhone SE?

Yes, you should. Because today in 2017, the features of iPhone 5S are rather weak, the smartphone does not work as swift as it could, the camera obviously loses in comparison to the camera in iPhone SE. So, by buying iPhone SE you choose the most modern features of a compact smartphone with a four-inch screen. But only in case if you can afford it. If you are short of money, then there is no urgent need to replace iPhone 5S with iPhone SE. iPhone 5S still keeps afloat and it can work normally for one more year.

Well, that’s it for today. We have seen the differences between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE. Be careful when you buy used iPhone SE and check it according the features I have mentioned in this article and you will never get in a scam. Good luck!

Май 2nd, 2017
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