Review of iOS 11. Release date. What’s new?

iOS 11 will change considerably. Apple will add a lot of new functions and improve the quality and stability of operational system. After a considerable upgrading of iOS 10, iOS 11 must keep up and be in no way inferior. Most likely in new iOS we will find a night mode, additional widgets, useful settings and new apps.

iOS 11 release date

Updated interface of iOS 11

iOS 11 is not likely get a new design as Apple seems to like the flat style and they are not going to change it for now. However some elements of the interface in IOS 11 might go through some changes. In iOS 10 the design of notifications and widgets was change completely. Even Control Center and Notification Center had changed a little. So, in iOS 11 some elements of the interface might change its look. Perhaps the design of the widgets will be improved because for now they don’t seem revolutionary enough.

Operation speed and power consumption of iOS 11

Every year Apple optimizes iOS more and more which makes the operation speed increase and the power consumption decrease. That fact always makes iOS stand out among other mobile operational systems.

What devices will be compatible with iOS 11?

So, what devices will be compatible with iOS 11? Definitly, the new devices of 2015-2017 will support new OS. But what about the old devices like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini 2, iPad 4 and other previous models of iGadgets? Here is the list of the devices compatible with the new iOS 11:


  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S


  • iPad Pro 2
  • iPad Pro 9,7″
  • iPad Pro 12,9″
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2


  • iPod Touch 6 gen

Will iOS 11 be compatible with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5?

Definitely, iPhone 4S will not support iOS 11. Simply because the previous iOS 10 already wasn’t compatible with this device. iPhone 4S is out of the game and there will be no more updates for this model. But as for iPhone 5 we cannot be so sure. It is still unclear if iPhone 5 will support iOS 11 and we will find it out only at the presentation. Not earlier than that. The same situation we had last year when no one could say if iPhone 4S will be compatible with iOS 10. And we discovered it only during the presentation. But if we think about it we can suppose that iOS 11 will not work on iPhone 5. Because, simply judging by the situation with iOS and iPhone 4S, Apple is trying to gradually get rid of old gadgets that are not equipped with 64-bit processors (processors of new generation). If iPhone 5 will not support iOS 11, neither will iPhone 5C. In this case the “oldest” iPhone to be compatible with the new OS will be iPhone 5S.

Will iOS 11 be compatible with iPhone 5S and iPhone 6?

Here you can be 100% sure that iOS 11 will work on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE. Because these are the new well-equipped iPhones that will stay in the game for a long time. Moreover, they all have 64-bit processors installed.

Will iOS 11 be compatible with iPad mini and iPad 4?

iPad mini first generation didn’t support iOS 10 so there are no chances for this device to be compatible with iOS 11. But iPad mini 2 Retina display will support the new iOS 11. And all the newer models will also support the update. iPad 4 will probably stop the support if the updates as it has outdated hardware (by the way, almost the same as in iPhone 5), so iPad 4 might not support iOS 11. Airs and Pros will of course work with iOS 11 because nowadays they are the modern and up-to-date devices.

Will iOS 11 be compatible with iPod Touch 6 gen?

iPod Touch 6 gen will support iOS 11 because it is a modern device with an up-to-date hardware. While iPod Touch 5 gen will surely not be compatible with iOS 11 because las year Apple forbade an update for iOS 10. iPod Touch 5 is out of date and new updates are no longer available for this model.

When does iOS 11 come out?

iOS 11 review

As usual Apple presents its operation systems in the beginning of June. In 2017 there will be no exception. Apple will present iOS 11 at the WWDC conference in the beginning of June 2017.
However, the release date of iOS 11 is the September 2017. In June Apple presents new OS and then during the summer they continue to work on it releasing beta-versions. And after that in September iOS 11 will be available for all the compatible devices.

Download iOS 11 beta

After the presentation of iOS 11 in June, Apple will release beta-versions of OS during the summer for the developers as well as for the public tests. Usually beta versions come out right on the next day after presentation. So, you can download iOS 11 beta 1 on the next day after the presentation. As soon as beta 1 appears here I will give you the link to download it. Also you will be able to watch a review on iOS 11 beta 1 on our site so that you can decide whether you want to risk and download the raw version of iOS 11.

Wallpapers for iOS 11

You can download wallpapers for iOS 11 after the presentation when we will know for sure what kind of wallpapers they will be. Right here iPodium will post real wallpapers for iOS 11 available to download for all iPhone models. We’ve only got to wait until the presentation of iOS 11. As in two previous versions of iOS the wallpapers had an image of waves we can suppose that this time the image will be connected with water as well. On the other hand, to put a picture of waves three years in a raw is not exiting so Apple might come up with something new.

What’s new in iOS 11?

Now let’s see what iOS 11 will be like and what Apple will put in it. Every year mobile operational system changes, receives new features, new apps and new abilities. So what can be new in it? Let’s make a little review of iOS 11. Write in the comments below what would you like to see in the new iOS 11.

Dark theme

Half of the Internet users expected the dark theme in iOS 10, but Apple eventually hasn’t presented it to us. iOS 10 is still white as snow. But perhaps in iOS 11 there will be a dark theme. At least, we would like it to be so. On the screenshots the concept of iOS 11 is shown in dark theme.
In iOS 11 dark theme may appear.

New design of widgets

After the release of iOS 10 the world has seen the new design of widgets and notifications and also the widgets that appear on the lock screen that didn’t appear there before. And to tell the truth the design of widgets is far from being perfect. We can say it is not the best version of design. Apple will surely slightly change the look of widgets and notifications in iOS 11. The graphic designer Zuno Young proposed an idea to group the notifications according to the apps (as shown on the screenshots) that will allow making the usage easier.

iOS 11 widgets

That is how new widgets and new notifications may look like in iOS 11

More intelligent Siri

Year after year Siri becomes smarter and smarter. But it happens by little steps. And in the age of rapidly developing technologies Apple should considerably improve its intelligent personal assistant. Every year when new iOS comes out Siri seems to be not much changed. In iOS 11 we expect a new dramatically improved Siri

That’s it for now. That is all we can predict to see in the new iOS in 2017. With the leaks and new information we will update this article and add new ones to the iOS 11 section. Don’t forget to follow the news to stay informed. Feel free to write in the comments below and share this article in your social media.
See you :)

Декабрь 13th, 2016
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