What can we expect from iOS 10? Review and release date of iOS 10

Last year the update iOS 9 came out and literally rocked the world. The Apple gadgets users are extremely thrilled with new OS thanks to the introduction of useful functions that were missing before.

Review and release date of iOS 10

And if iOS 9 looks like a well-assembled and optimized mobile operational system, so what iOS 10 will look like and will it even be released any time soon? The iOS X, as it might be called as well, will come out for sure because the company s mobile platform iOS will keep on developing for a long time until the iPhones are withdrawn from market. And they have not run out of steam as an industry yet. So, what s new in iOS 10?

The best iOS

The design of iOS 10 will not change, because it is way too early to bring in new tendencies, after all not many people got used to the actual design and moreover Apple has just introduced this style. In such a way in the latest OS X update “El Captain” you can see the similarities with the current iOS.
The capacity of the gadget will increase due to the better OS optimizing and the work speed of devices will considerably stabilize. The improvements will touch upon the battery charge consumption. Owing to the OS optimizing the batteries will be able to work economically. For example, such economization will be achieved by the reduction of the hardware s consumption of resources in the “stand by” mode. Which means that if the smartphone is not using data-intensive applications or it is on the shelf for a while, the processor can work less intensively and therefore the battery will consume less energy. Such methods are being already applied in iOS 9.

It will be the fastest and the most reliable OS for iPhone and iPad. Finally iOS is about to reach the acme of perfection. The other creators can only envy Apple. The company produces the most famous and qualitative OS for mobile devices with its own ecosystem. So far neither Android, nor Windows Phone or any other operational systems have such a diverse and functional ecosystem as Apple iOS.

New apps in iOS 10

In every version of iOS Apple introduces new default apps. Thus in iOS 9 they were “News”, “Find My Friends” and updated “Passbook”, which now is called “Wallet”. What kind of new applications iOS 10 will bring us?

It is known that Apple designs the smart home application called «Home». Nowadays there are a lot of different gadgets and devices that support HomeKit for the remote control of your house or apartment.
Smart home system is being developed rapidly and Apple is likely to become a part of it because their principal goal is to make people s life easier. That would be quite cool to have such an app for iPhone, iPad or iPod to be able to open the curtains or switch on the kettle or switch off the lights in your house with the help of your gadget. Sure, you only one app will not do the trick, you will need the whole Smart home system for that.
Write in the comments below what kind of apps you would like to see in new iOS 10.

Accounts in iOS 10

Since the rumors about iOS 9 Apple was expected to create the possibility to switch between its Apple ID accounts, witch would be great. For example, is there are a couple of family members who use the one iPad what would be more comfortable to switch from one account to another in one swipe and one touch. That would make the switching so much easier because now you have to log out from one account and sing in to another. Less actions, more comfort. We ll see, maybe such function will appear in iOS 10.

The name iOS X

The name iOS X

Tenth OS might be called iOS X similar to Mac OS X. So, if you think that X is the letter of alphabet you are wrong, because X stands for Roman numeral “ten”. i.e Mac OS 10. The “Mac” is not pronounced though, so it is simply OS X (OS 10). Maybe that will be the case with iOS 10 as well and it will be called iOS X.

Release date of iOS 10

Now let s talk about the release date of new OS. When will iOS 10 come out? Apple has been working on new iOS 10 for the whole year and the update will be presented at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 that will take place on June 13-17. But you will be able to download iOS 10 only in September, because traditionally Apple will announce new mobile OS in June and then will work on its improvement till the end of summer fixings the bugs by means of realizing iOS 10 beta version to be tested by creators around the world and only then final improved version will become publicly available in September alongside with new iPhone. That s why the presentation will take place in June and the final release of iOS 10 will happen in September.

Download iOS 10 beta

Fortunately, we don t have to wait all summer to get the long-expected cool updated on our iPhone or iPad, we can try iOS 10 out as a beta version. Apple will present iOS 10 beta 1 to be downloaded the same day they did with iOS 9 last year. When iOS 10 beta 1 appears I will give you the link so you can find out how to download and update iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 10 beta 1.

<2h2>What gadgets support iOS 10

First of all Apple creates iOS 10 for new flagship devices iPhone 7 and new iPad. The new OS will be optimized and assembled specially for these gadgets. New functions support and abilities of the latest gadgets will be present in iOS 10 as well.

But there is a chance that new iOS 10 will be compatible only with the devices with 64-bit quad-core processors. The precise list of devices will be updated directly during the presentation, so I invite you to look through the list of devices that support iOS 10. Let s take a look at the preliminary list of devices supporting iOS 10:


iPhone 7
iPhone SE
iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 5S


iPad Pro 9,7
iPad Pro
iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 3
iPad mini 2


iPod Touch 6G

Will iOS 10 be compatible with iPhone 4S?

Most likely it will not, since iPhone 4S has already become out of date and considering that Apple might totally reject this gadget and stop update OS for it. First of all, the display of old size has become old-fashioned a long time ago, second of all iPhone 4S doesn t have a 64-bit quad-core processor and the that s why the chances that Apple will create an update suitable for this device is 50/50.
Why can we draw such a conclusion? Well, it is banal situation, in the iOS 9.3 update there is a function “Night Shift” which regulates the temperature of display in such a way that it is comfortable enough to read in a poorly-lit and very bright conditions. And all the deices that don t have a 64-bit quad-core processor don t support this function. Which means that iOS 9.3 update comes out but the function is not supported. That is how Apple ousts old devices from the market and force people to buy new ones.

Therefore there is a possibility that new iOS 10 update will work the same way. The exact information will appear here during the presentation when Apple officially announce what devices will support iOS 10 and whether iPhone 4S will support it, so come here to find the latest news, I ll be glad to see you! :)

Will iOS 10 be compatible with iPhone 5?

If you have read the previous headline about iOS 10 and iPhone 4S so it s clear for you that if there is no 64-bit quad-core processor that means that iOS 10 might not work. iPhone 5 has the same processor technology as iPhone 4S and it is not 64-bit quad-core. So, if Apple decides to adjust the new OS to its up-to-date gadgets with no 64-bit quad-core processors, iPhone 5 will not support iOS 10 either. But again, during the presentation Apple will announce the official information and I will publish it here so you ll know where you can or cannot update your OS.

Will iOS 10 be compatible with iPhone 5S?

No worries about iPhone 5S, it will 100 % support iOS 10 !!! iPhone 5S has the state-of-the-art hardware. Accordingly they possess a 64-bit quad-core processors, by the way, it was the first iPhone to have 64-bit quad-core processor and consequently iPhone 5S will surely support iOS 10. iPhone SE will obviously support iOS 10 as well.

New Emoji in iOS 10

It is said that 74 brand new Emoji will be included in new iOS 10. Obviously it s not the most expected feature, but how could we not mention them? To tell the truth, sometimes I face the problem when me friends phone do not display the Emoji that I ve sent from iPhone. Which means that new ones won t be seen on other devices until Android adds them too. So the point of new set of Emoji is to send them from one iPhone to another and that s it.

Hide the default apps in iOS 10

There is a rumor going around that Apple will finally enable us to hide default apps from Home screen in iPhone, iPad and iPod. That s would be great to finally get rid of unnecessary apps that you need to create a folder to put them to. And in such a way they won t bother you. That would be perfect if we could even delete such apps and then, in case we need them, download them again.

Download the wallpapers for iOS 10

Here you will find new official wallpapers for iOS 10. You only need to wait until the presentation and they will be here. I will put them here so you can download them. Up till now we don t know what kind of wallpapers they will be, but I can recommend you my selection of different wallpapers for all kind of iPhones.

Апрель 19th, 2016
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