3D Touch technology: what is it and what are its possibilities?

Today I will tell you in detail about the 3D Touch function. We will touch upon 5 essential points that interest iPhone 6S owners:

What is 3D Touch function?

What is 3D Touch function?

3D Touch is a built-in iPhone 6S display technology that allows you to navigate the iPhone’s screen not only in flat surface, but also in space, in such a way the technology recognizes the force of pressing at different levels. 3D Touch is a brand new technology created by Apple Inc., which aims to make the work process with your iPhone even easier. Apple has big plans for its new creation. It is said that the 3D Touch function has a great future ahead of it. It’s not surprising, because Apple has made a lot of fuss about its new killer feature and now everyone is interested to see what it is capable of. So once iPhone 6S is released 3D Touch technology is getting a lot of attention too. In the future, Apple plans to expand the boundaries of capabilities of 3D Touch, and also the developers and game companies are to update almost all of the applications. But even now it’s possible to use the new feature, though only if you’ve got iPhone 6S. Next year 3D Touch is expected to be compatible with iPhone 7, iPad Pro 2 and iPad Mini 5. Today the 3D Touch technology in iPhone 6S equals to faster and more comfortable work with the iPhone.

How does 3D Touch work?

The display with supports 3D Touch technology is designed in such a way:

  • Top display covered by the Corning durable protective glass which is scratch-resistant and flexible for detecting a touch.
  • Retina panel with built-in 3D Touch technology
  • Touch sensors
  • Under the display there is a unique vibration actuator Taptic Engine which is responsible for vibration output for the more comfortable use of this technology.

How does 3D Touch work?

3D Touch consists of 96 separate sensors assembled together located between the protective glass and the backlight panel. These sensors measure the distance from the top of the glass deflection (when pressed) to the sensors themselves and this distance equals to the certain force of pressing.

How to turn on and configure 3D Touch?

There are 2 basic types of press that Apple has come with specially for the 3D Touch technology. These are the functions Peek and Pop.

Peek refers to light press on a display.
Pop is a hard press on a display.

If, for instance, you received a letter in the Mail app and you press on it with a simple slight Peek press then the letter will open in the preview mode and while you hold your finger slightly pressing “Peek” the letter will be shown, and as soon as you remove the finger it will be closed, but it will not be mark as read, because you haven’t really open it. But if you decide to open it, you’ll have to press harder with the Pop press and then the letter will open properly. The same works with the links in the browser. When you pressed Peek on the link the preview of the contents will open, when you press Pop the link will open fully. It is a very simple and effective principle to work with.

How to turn on and configure 3D Touch?

To turn on 3D Touch on iPhone 6S open Settings → Tap on General → Tap on Accessibility → Tap on 3D Touch. Here you can turn it on or off and adjust it according to you preferences.

3D Touch configurations
Open Settings → Tap on General → Tap on Accessibility → Tap on 3D Touch and there you can configure this function as you want it. There is slight, medium and hard way of pressing on the display. So, you can choose for yourself, how you will press on the screen of 3D Touch to make it work.

Below you can see a trial of the 3D Touch function. It is a picture which you will have to press to get the idea of how 3D Touch works. We already know the Peek press will open it in preview mode and Pop will open it.

Applications that support 3D Touch function

Apple 3D Touch technology is now compatible with many standard applications on the iPhone 6S and some applications from third-party developers, although the number of the later will eventually increase. 3D Touch is up-and-coming and very promising technology, which will gradually become more and more popular, so the number of applications and games that support it will eventually increase. Today the developers work actively on installing 3D Touch in their games and applications and some of them even create new applications for this function.

Applications that support 3D Touch function

Let’s take a look on a list of apps that support 3D Touch and learn how to use it!

  • App Store – Redeem, Search;
  • Calendar – Create new event;
  • Camera – Take a picture, Record video in Slo-mo, Record video, Take a selfie;
  • Clock – Create alarm, Start countdown, Start timer;
  • Contacts – Create a new contact, Show my number;
  • Find My Friends – Share geotag;
  • Game Center – Send Friend Requests;
  • iBooks – Search in iBooks Store;
  • Mail – Inbox, VIP, Search, New mail;
  • Maps – Home, Mark my position, Share my location, Search nearby;
  • News – For you, Sources;
  • Notes – New note, New photo, New drawing;
  • Telephone – Favorites, Create a new contact;
  • Photos – Latest, Search, Favorites;
  • Reminders – New Reminder, To do list;
  • Safari – Show reading list, Show bookmarks, New private tab, New tab;
  • Wallet – Add a map.

And here is the list of free 3D Touch apps from the third-party developers.

  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Shazam
  • Twitter
  • WeChat
  • GIF Keyboard
  • Evernote
  • Telegram created by Pavel Durov

And the list of the applications that already use the new 3D touch technology goes on and on. Given that the number of such applications and games is growing day by day, we can suppose that soon enough all the applications and games in the App Store will support 3D Touch function.

Especially the gamers will love this new technology on iOS. Those who love to play on the iPhone can now enjoy the games in a whole new dimension. Games with 3D Touch feature are much more interesting and fun to play than without it. You can download the games with 3D touch feature already you only need to find them in App Store.

Where can you try out 3D Touch?

Open Safari browser, for example, and press Peek on any bookmark and you will immediately open the site in the preview mode. Then remove your finger and it will disappear, keep your finger and press harder and the bookmark will open.

Where can you try out 3D Touch?

You can try and open the multitasking bar where you can track all recently open apps. Press on the left side of the screen of your iPhone and pull it to the right. Now you don’t even need to click on the Home button twice to open the multitasking bar. Easy, right?

Open Photos and click Peek on any photo in the list of camera roll and the photo will be opened in preview mode and if you press Pop the photo will be opened normally. If you remove the finger the preview mode will be closes and you simply continue to work with the Photos app.

And of course, all of the apps’ icons that you’ve got on your desktops can be also used with the 3D Touch function.

3D Touch Tweaks

If you are broke but you still want 3D Touch so bad that you are ready to jailbreak you good old iPhone of previous model then 3D tweak that imitates this technology will come in handy.

You need Tweak Force Touch Activator from Cydia which allows the devices that do not support 3D Touch to have a similar function. It can be iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After installing tweaks, you need to open the settings and turn on the Force Touch gesture in Activator section.

This tweak is quite interesting. Force Touch Activator recognizes the area of the finger that you touch the screen with. If you just click on the display, as usual, quickly and with the tip of your finger then the usual tap will be carried out, and if you put a finger like a Touch ID then the tweak function is activated that imitates 3D Touch.

It’s better than just pressing and holding for a long time as some applications on Android smartphones offer. In iOS if you press and hold on an application icon, you will see the options of deleting and moving the applications. Here it will not work.

Well, and finally this tweak does not have the tactile response which in the original 3D Touch in the iPhone 6S is generated by the built-in mechanism Taptic Engine. But in the future the developers of this tweak might install the simple vibration that will imitate the tactile response of the Taptic Engine.

Just watch the video that shows how Force Touch Activator works and how to use it.

Май 8th, 2017
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